What will your February 2017 look like?  There are many great ways to celebrate the shortest month of the year!  Kick off the month with superb Super Bowl festivities for everyone.  Mid month, enjoy the romance of everything that encompasses Valentine’s Day.  How will the romantic allure of February 14, 2017 pull you into celebration?  Pucker up, it’s time to visit a kissing booth!  Yes, they are still a thing.  Experiencing the freshness and fragrance of a lovely bouquet of flowers will elate the senses.  Celebrate Mardi Gras in a grand manner with a King’s Cake and other great ways!  Want to fuse some serious fashion into your daily life?  Do it with seasonal color!  There are 10 amazing colors to choose from including one fresh color-of-the-year, greenery!

This month’s cover look was produced by the incredibly talented Mackenzie Nall.  Yes, February is most certainly a wonderful month of celebration.  How will you celebrate this month of only 28 days?

Have an amazing February everyone!

XO Mary



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