This is when peonies become prized possessions and hat boxes become floral heroes.  When was the last time you had peonies delivered this this?  Amazing!
Orchids, carnations, roses, hydrangeas, and greenery keep perfect company in their hat box bouquet.

When was the last time you got a roses delivered in a designer box?  This bouquet was courtesy of MAISON DES FLEURS.  


Flowers and macarons.  Delightful!  

As found on Pinterest.
Roses with WOW when delivered!  What a profound statement.

Pretty in pink.

The rare and incredibly beautiful black rose. 

Nestled within this glorious bouquet are a mini bottle of Prosecco and a small candle.


The new ultimate floral gift presentation, having a bouquet of flowers delivered in a stately box is the new floral “it” gift.  A posh way to present your affections, having flowers delivered in gorgeous boxes has been a luxury service having become popular in of all places, Paris.  There’s just something about opening that box only to be greeted by scented euphoria followed by a colorful vision of delicacy.  When was the last time you enjoyed a bouquet of flowers delivered in a gorgeous box?  Make 2017 exciting and enjoy this simple luxury!

Companies who deliver bouquets in boxes: 


The Real Flower Company

Jardin Deluxe Fleurs

Bloom des Fleurs


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Images as cited in slide presentation.


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