VALENTINE’S DAY TREATS: Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope

Darling, sweet and to the point, these cherry pie pastry envelopes are crowd pleasers.  Something a bit more than cherry pie, these pastries offer individual experiences with all the joy and taste of that ever-so-popular pie.  Have them talking all year when you present these at the office or during a family gathering.  Tis the day to love and be loved!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


1 package refrigerated piecrust

1 can cherry pie filling

½ cup sparkling sugar

¼ cup whipping cream

One 4 x 5 inch paper envelope

One small heart shaped cookie cutter



Unroll pastry on floured surface.

Open a 4 x 5 ½ inch paper envelope and use as a pattern.

Reduce the pattern to make a smaller envelope if desired.  Trace pattern onto parchment paper. This is your pattern. Cut pastry into 4 envelopes and 4 small heart shaped cut outs.

Fill pastry with cherry pie filling, but not on the back flap.   Following the folds of the paper envelop, fold the cutout pastry, leaving the upper flap open.

Place heart cut-out on folded edges of pastry envelope. Place pastry on parchment lined baking sheet.  Brush with whipping cream then sprinkle with sparkling sugar.

Bake pastry at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until lightly browned.  Do not remove from baking sheet until completely cool.

Yields: 4 pastries


Have a beautiful and successful week!


SOURCE:  Pinterest.  ULTIMATE REPORT-Text specially designed for this series.

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VALENTINE’S DAY TREATS: Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope

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