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  Dior Couture 2016: “The inspiration for Dior couture was ‘the garden of earthy delights’ – sensuality, innocence and paintings from the Renaissance period. The look for the hair was inspired by a Botticelli painting. Starting with freshly washed hair, … Read More

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[CELEBRATE] CHEESECAKE DAY, Thursday, July 30, 2015

  Cheesecake lovers from all walks of life will love the indulgence that comes with the celebrating CHEESECAKE DAY.  This is the day when your every cheesecake dream can be fulfilled and it be somewhat socially acceptable.  Eat until your … Read More

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  WOW! It’s better than good.  In fact, it’s better than great.  The Back-To-School collection from SinfulColors offers 27 terrific nail toppers ready to go when you are.  Here’s the color line up: 24/7: Our hottest pink                           A-Crush: Soft baby blue … Read More

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NEW Mercedes-Benz – Mercedes-Benz Le Parfum for Men

The first eau de parfum for men. The eternal masculine fragrance. This man takes his place in a luxurious and refined world. He reflects his time. Urban and self-confident. Refined and elegant.  The epitome of savoir-vivre. He knows what he … Read More

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Brief Lip Story

  Ever since the womenfolk of early civilisations worked out how good a pair of stained lips could look, lipstick has existed in one form or another. In Ancient Greece, only prostitutes wore it, but in Ancient Rome, it was … Read More

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Jet Set Luscious Lips

  How To Master the Perfect Lip, Whatever Destination Alice’s tips to create the perfect lipstick look: EXFOLIATE LIPS TO KEEP THEM SMOOTH – You could use a soft toothbrush, though it is gentler (and more delicious) to dunk your … Read More


Heathrow Lipstick Colours Of The Year Report

  Heathrow is not only one of the world’s biggest airports, it’s a beauty mecca – with over 120 brands, 12,500 beauty products and 1,451 lipsticks, it’s home to Europe’s largest beauty range under one roof. We’ve got our finger … Read More