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8 Simple Touches with Maximum Effect

What if there was a way to fuse something into busy lives that would make a huge impact in the way we look and feel?  What if there was a way to impact the way others respond to one’s personal … Read More

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Star-spangled WOW! This is just one of the benefits of celebrating the 4th of July. In addition to acknowledging our nation’s independence, actually celebrating can take many different and wonderful forms. Bringing family and friends together creating an even grander … Read More


EXQUISITE TRUFFLE: White Truffle Grilled Cheese

  The very mention of this mushroom sends chills through the taste buds of foodies everywhere.  It’s the king of mushrooms.  Its majestic allure adds notes of an earthy taste to food only it can deliver.  Those who know about this delicacy … Read More

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CROWNS: Twigs and Birds

  The most elaborate of all things to top the head, the crown offers a presence like no other.  Making the statement to end all statements, all eyes are on the crown from the second it enters the room.  “Who … Read More


WEARING DAISIES: Field of Tall Blooms

  Simple enough, the daisy has become a warm weather feature focus once again.  The petal perfect flower offers the right type of freshness needed to dress up or dress down an ensemble while creating conversation and compliments.  Taking root … Read More